Inspiration and Welcome

Hello my friends and my readers! Welcome to my webpage. I am proudly presenting my recently published book, "Real-Life Miracles and Wonders (108 Miracle Stories From Around The World)” to you. I am so excited to share this book with you.

While I was compiling this book, I was asked by many followers of my cookbooks, "Why are you writing a miracle book?"
My answer is this -

flower.jpg I had no desire or willpower to compile such a book until one morning my friend and colleague Michelle shared her dream. A voice was speaking to her telling her to urge me to write about my own miracle story. The voice was persistent, almost demanding. It commanded her attention. Michelle believed that God was in fact using her to deliver the message to me.

At that time, I was in the process of writing another cookbook. But, after hearing about the dream, I needed no further instruction, no further signs. I knew instantly in my heart that I needed to fulfill my destiny… to share my own stories with others.

So, I began to write about my own belief, the miracles that had touched my life, and with this writing came other true miracle stories from family and friends around the world that were meant to be shared; unbelievable stories that I hope will enable you to renew your faith and confidence.

I would like to thank those who generously encouraged me, supported me, expressed their confidence in me, and entrusted their true stories with me. I truly appreciate all of their faith in me.

Very special thanks go to my colleague and friend Michelle, whose dream urged me to share my own stories along with others.


This book is dedicated to my family, friends and my readers. They, like me, are in search of a spiritual path that will soothe our souls and breath hope into our lives. It is for them I have written this book.

All money received from the sale of this book will be contributed to feed the hungry children in India, as well as helping to educate them to live on their own. I had this dream for many years and now and with your help, we can see the smiles on these unfortunate children who were born without hope, and who will now receive their own.

Recently I was invited to take part in the Ocean County Library’s Book Festival. The Library had a truly wonderful roster of authors and presenters including Father Joe Orsini, Biker Billy, Chef Robert Catherine, Delilah Winder, New Jersey’s own chef and many more. Delilah has been featured on the Today show, The Food Network and the Oprah Winfrey show where Oprah loved her macaroni and cheese the best in America! Also I was overjoyed when scheduled to interview with our local radio station and the interviewer asked me the question, “Are you going to write more Miracle books in future?” As I answered, “Yes!” he seemed to be very happy because people love these types of books. Books that inspire, Books that renew faith, Books that remind us all that miracles truly exist.